Italy stronger than quake, pass decree

(ANSA) - Camerino, October 27 - Italy is styronger than any earthquake and a quake decree must be passed as soon as possible to free up resources to repair the damage from two strong quakes Wednesday night as well as the August 24 trembler that killed almost 300 people, Premier Matteo Renzi said on visiting the quake sone Thursday.    Renzi said on visiting this Marche town hit by two quakes Wednesday night that "the earthquake is putting us to a stiff test but Italy is there, it doesn"t leave its citizens on their own, we are strong and we"ll make it".    Renzi said that "we urge parliament, in the full respect for (respective) roles, to act as quickly as possible to approve the decree on the earthquake because (the decree) has the resources and tools to go to work immediately".